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  • jQuery performance tips

    jQuery Tips

    So here are some of the important points:

    • Use direct ID in the selector
      instead of $('#div .class') use $('#div_class')
    • Add tags before class name in the selector
      instead of $('#div .class') use $('#div span.class')
    • Create local vars for JQ objects which are accessed more than once
      var obj = $('div span.class');
      obj.bind('click', clickSpan);
      obj.css('background', 'red');

    • Use For instead of Each
    • Use .html() instead of DOM manipulations, when possible
    • Reduce elements on event binding - Use instead of binding event to many items within a container
      instead of
      $('#my_list li').bind('click', ...)
      $('#my_list').bind('click', function(e) {
        var elem = $(;
        if ( == 'LI') {

    • Use $(window).load(...) instead of $(document).ready(...)
    • Pull elements off the DOM, manupulate, and than return them back




    Gregory C.