Online PHP editor is going to be changed...

We are going to:

  1. Redesign the site
  2. Work with SSH instead of FTP
  3. Switch to HTTPS
  4. Work without "session" to improve security
  5. And, of course, remain open source

Please consider...

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I'm using SSH and I will continue using

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  • Intro is a free online IDE for editing files on an FTP server.
    This web application is an Open-Source project, and the source can be downloaded from Our source download.

  • Purpose

    The application was created for fast, free, simple and convenient read/write access to the files on FTP server.
    Sometimes, for some purposes, the direct FTP access is blocked and there is no conventional way to access the files on the server. This is the main reason for this WebApp.

  • FAQ

    1. Is this application secure, and how can I be sure that my passwords won't be stolen?

    The webApp is an open-source project, and the source code is being compressed and packed on-the-fly while pressing the "Download" key. This way, the code you download is identical to the code of the site.
    As you would see, this web application does not store any private data, code or files on the server, primarilly for security issues.

    This web application uses database only for storing textual data. Once you download and install the App on your server, you can continue using it for your private use.

    2. Is the application free?

    Yes, the application is absolutely free, you can download the source code and install on your server.
    You can submit bug reports, bug fixes or any other comments through the Contact Us form or directly to my Email (
    I would appreciate any help you can provide

  • Upgrade instructions

    Currently there's no automatic upgrade application, but hopefully it will be developed in the near future.

    For now, these are the steps for the upgrade:

    • Important!! - Backup your current application - All the files, including the /db/blog.sqlite.dat
    • Download the new version of the application from the server
    • Replace the content of the current application directory with the new one.

    * Please don't remove the PHP code which checks for updates from the server.