Online PHP editor is going to be changed...

We are going to:

  1. Redesign the site
  2. Work with SSH instead of FTP
  3. Switch to HTTPS
  4. Work without "session" to improve security
  5. And, of course, remain open source

Please consider...

  1. Checking our new PHP blog
  2. Visit the new Facebook page

I'm using SSH and I will continue using

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<? Online-PHP::SourceCode ?>

  • Open Source

    • The application is an OPEN SOURCE project. You can use or modify the source code as you whish, as long as it is not for commercial purpose.
    • Please send all the changes you made to an email (as a ZIP archive)
    • Please stay up-to-date with the application and do not remove the code lines which perform the update check.
    • You may also browse the code on project hosting service:

      svn checkout online-php-ide-read-only

      I recommend downloading the source code directly from the site (button below), because this is the latest version of the application (the ZIP is being created on-the-fly, with intervals of a hour - you can see this script in the code)

  • Source Features...

    • The source code contains all the textual sections (Blog, Snippets, Tutorials, etc), They can be also useful for internal usage for companies or individual use.
    • The textual sections (Blog, Snippets, etc) use SQLite database (with PDO wrapper). Check if your server support it.
    • The source code is archived on-the-fly, so the ZIP archive you download is identical to the code on the server.
      You can feel free to use the online version of the application.
    • The source code contains administration panel for all the textual content.
      The username and the password are taken from the `users` table from the SQLite database (located in /db directory)