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  2. Work with SSH instead of FTP
  3. Switch to HTTPS
  4. Work without "session" to improve security
  5. And, of course, remain open source

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I'm using SSH and I will continue using

<? Online-PHP::Blog ?>

  • Started to use VIM - Oldschool rulez!

    After reading a few articles about VIM, and the fact that VI is installed in every* *nix distro, I decided to give it a chance.

    I've installed VIM under windows, and set some basic configuration for more convenient work.

    So here is my configuration file:

    set nocompatible
    source $VIMRUNTIME/vimrc_example.vim
    "source $VIMRUNTIME/mswin.vim
    behave mswin
    set diffexpr=MyDiff()
    " show line numbers
    set number
    " define the color scheme
    colorscheme slate
    " define the default font and size
    set guifont=Courier_New:h10:cANSI
    " define the default window size
    set lines=60 columns=132
    set ruler
    " dont automatically backup things
    set nobackup
    set nowb
    set noswapfile
    " indentation configuration
    set ai
    set si
    " define the tab size
    set ts=4
    " read modifications from other editors
    set autoread
    " Remap the arrows for the 'insert mode'
    imap <c-h> <left>
    imap <c-j> <down>
    imap <c-k> <up>
    imap <c-l> <right>
    imap <c-d> <delete>
    " remap keys for tabs - Ctrl-Tab - move between tabs
    imap <c-tab> <esc>:tabnext<cr>a
    nmap <c-tab> :tabnext<cr>
    " quick save shortcut
    imap <c-s> <esc>:w<cr>a
    nmap <c-s> :w<cr>
    " ignore case in search!
    set ic
    set smartcase
    " define the default encoding
    set encoding=utf8
    function MyDiff()
      let opt = '-a --binary '
      if &diffopt =~ 'icase' | let opt = opt . '-i ' | endif
      if &diffopt =~ 'iwhite' | let opt = opt . '-b ' | endif
      let arg1 = v:fname_in
      if arg1 =~ ' ' | let arg1 = '"' . arg1 . '"' | endif
      let arg2 = v:fname_new
      if arg2 =~ ' ' | let arg2 = '"' . arg2 . '"' | endif
      let arg3 = v:fname_out
      if arg3 =~ ' ' | let arg3 = '"' . arg3 . '"' | endif
      let eq = ''
      if $VIMRUNTIME =~ ' '
        if &sh =~ '\<cmd'
          let cmd = '""' . $VIMRUNTIME . '\diff"'
          let eq = '"'
          let cmd = substitute($VIMRUNTIME, ' ', '" ', '') . '\diff"'
        let cmd = $VIMRUNTIME . '\diff'
      silent execute '!' . cmd . ' ' . opt . arg1 . ' ' . arg2 . ' > ' . arg3 . eq


    I'll try to keep it updated with all the further additional configurations


  • PHP Unix Daemons

    A very nice article (russian) about creating UNIX daemons:

    (project URL:


    Some code examples from the tutorial (usage example):

    require_once 'daemon.php';
    class MyDaemon extends DaemonPHP {
        public function run() {
            while (true) {
    $daemon = new MyDaemon('/tmp/');


    Start/Stop/Status the daemon:

    user@localhost:~$ php run.php start
    user@localhost:~$ php run.php status
    user@localhost:~$ php run.php stop




  • Setting the Guest Modules in CentOS (5.8) for Oracle Virtual Box

    The content of the post has been taken from:

    but was very useful for me, and it just worked! The installation took less than 5 minutes, and there are many advantages in this method.

    So here we go:

    # yum update kernel*

    (if there were some installations, reboot needed)
    # reboot

    # yum install gcc kernel-devel kernel-headers -y

    # KERN_DIR=/usr/src/kernels/`uname -r`-`uname -m`

    # export KERN_DIR

    (now go to the mounted VBoxGuestAdditions CD)
    # cd /media/VirtualBoxGuestAdditions

    # ./

    (That's it, now reboot needed)
    # reboot



  • Change the default theme of phpMyAdmin

    Hello All,

    Here is a little "trick" to beautify our lives.

    In order to change the default theme of phpMyAdmin
    follow, choose a theme and copy it to `themes` directory in PMA root directory.

    edit file, and add the next line:

    // define the default theme. (I use pmahomme. Place here the desired theme name)
    $cfg['ThemeDefault'] = 'pmahomme';

    * I placed it right after the `blowfish_secret` configuration.

    Restart PMA and Enjoy!,

  • Changing Chrome default font properties in Developer Tools


    Recently I was wandering if I can change the default font of the Chrome Developer Tools, and luckily I found how to do this.
    I don't remember where I found it, and whether it's an official information, but here it is:

    In windows 7 - go to the file:

    C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\User StyleSheets\Custom.css

    and add the next style:

    body.platform-windows .monospace, body.platform-windows .source-code {
        font-size: 12px !important;

        line-height: 18px !important;
        font-family: monospace !important;


    Now, it's much prettier for me, thus more joy.. 

    Enjoy you too..

  • Site features

    The homepage of the site was a little modified - Three explanation boxes were added. This was made to explain more the features of the site (in addition to the application) and to improve the SEO of the site.

  • ExtJS learning and using. Self experience.

    After playing a little bit with ExtJS framework, I found it very very useful and simple.
    Even built a little administration system (for other project, not, which looks awsome and which is very useful and intuitive.

    When I tried it at the first time, it looked very complicated with a huge learning curve. However, this time I wanted to get things done, and even had read a related book.

    I think some day I will use it for this project, to improve the UI and the usability of the project. The framework does not support any code editor (like CodeMirror, which I use in this project), or at least I did not find a simple solution, but with a little programming skills this issue can be solved.

  • Opera CSS fixes


    I've made some CSS corrections (the gradients on the site) for Opera browser for those who use opera as their primary web browser.

    Also discovered, that the application works very fast on opera.

    Gregory C.

  • CodeMirror Editor Upgrade


    I've just upgraded the CodeMirror module from 2.0 to the latest 2.1 version. Downloaded it from here.

    Once you notice some errors or some instability issues please report using the contact us form or sending me a mail.

    Thank you,

  • Bug Tracking System


    Soon I am going to release a bug tracking system, where you will be able to see which changes were made and when.
    I am not going to chage the latest version number, unless it's a major fix or change.

    Through the system you will be able to submit bug reports and fix suggestions (if you have one), and to upload the modified / fixed code.

    The development already has been started, so I guess it won't take much time.


  • The new version is here!!

    Hello All,

    The new version of the application (and of the site) is here, and it's ready. 

    Now it's an open source project, so you can freely download it from the site, or checkout (using SVN) from my google code project hosting.

    As you will be able to see, the application does not store any private data, so you may freely use the application online using this site.

    Please support this project by providing issues, bug reports or suggestions using my email ( or contact us section.

    Thank you very much,
    Gregory Chris.

  • New Version is coming

    Hi All,

    A new version of the online IDE is coming up. More features, more stability, more design.
    The new version will be much more convenient, and targeted to improve the service for us, the WEB developers.

    I start thinking of an option to make it Open Source, and let developers download the source and install it on any server, with the option to edit local files (of the server).

    Hope to finish the new version as soon as possible.

    Thank you,
    Online-php Admin.

  • Bug reports and comments

    Hello Dear All,

    In order to improve the user experience and the stability issue, I would like to receive more bug-reports and comments from you.
    Please comment here or email me.
    I have changed an email to Gmail service because sometimes I do not receive emails. Now you can send me your messages to (there is a link at the top of the page).
    I would be glad to receive comments from you, ans supply a great service.

    Thank you

  • PHP Tutorials - Launched!

    Hello All,

    The first PHP tutorial was launched! - It describes PHP PDO object - basic common database access methods. Some examples and descriptions.


  • Short Code Snippets

    I am glad to introduce the Code Snippets tab. Now you can add and share your short code snippets. It is used primarily for code reuse.
    There are too many times when you need to reuse your own code, but cannot find it in your old code. There are many \"general\" functions which can be used in many projects - here is the place to store and share them.

    I did it for myself, but I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. When the database will be more complete it will be much more productive and helpful. You can help me with that.

    Thank you and ENJOY! Administration

  • PHP Tutorials

    Recently I decided to open \"PHP Tutorials\" section for sharing knowledge and stand behind the name \"online-php\".
    For now, there are no comments or question opened, but soon I\'m gonna open it for your comments, question and suggestions.
    The more content on the site, the better for the visitor / developer and the search engines.

    For now, if you have any questions, posts suggestions send it via email.


  • New server - Better performance

    If you see this message, it means that the new server is running. The service moved to another, better server in order to improve the speed and the scalability.
    Please comment here If you notice server instability issues or any other problems regarding the system.

    Thanks, admin.

  • Word-wrapping and line numbers features

    Two new features were enabled / modified in the editor module

    • Word-wrapping disabled. Now if the line is longer than the screen size, horizontal scroll will appear at the bottom of the editor
    • Line numbers were added. Sometimes you receive an error or some notification in which you get the line number in the code. Now you can find it directly
    I will be very glad to see your comments for suggestions or bug reports.

    Enjoy administration

  • Domain name label

    At the top of the screen there is a small label with the domain name of the server being currently edited. This new small feature enables us to work simultaneously on several projects and not get messed.

    Working on several projects can be done using browsers\' invisible mode or opening several projects on two (or more) different browsers..

    Enjoy Admin

  • goes social

    Except the blog you are watching now, has some other tools for communicating and keep the users informed about any changes. Some social accounts were created

    Twitter: Visit the twitter account and start following

    Google Groups: Visit my google group, subscribe and submit. I will be glad to read suggestions, complains, bug reports, or any questions.

    This way will keep the service as useful as possible.

    Enjoy, admin

  • Blog is (almost) ready

    My blog is almost ready.. for now it has several basic features. I will extend it as much as I can so you will also be able to add posts.
    You may have noticed some changes on the site, I'm working on it to give the best I can either regarding the editor (the IDE) or the blog features.

    For now, I will try to keep you updated through this blog.

    Enjoy, admin.

  • The editor module had been changed

    Recently, the editor module was changed to CodeMirror which is pretty common (even google uses it) and much faster. The previous one was a little buggy and unstable, but had one very good advantage - it has tabbed editing supported. In the new module I had to implement the tabs manually, so I'll be glad to receive bug reports and some other issues about it.
    Enjoy, Administrator